Kristi & Kyle - a simple, but elegant celebration of love!

Since love and engagements are in the air (along with some beautiful snow here in Wisconsin!), we want to introduce you to one of our amazing couples! Kristi and Kyle are getting married this June, and we’re making save-the-dates, invites, and day-of paper goods for them. 
This sweetheart of a couple attended Marquette University here in Milwaukee, but didn’t find each other until three years after graduation. Mutual friends introduced them, and they realized they’d probably been in lots of the same places at the same time. But it wasn’t their time until years afterwards. Well, years plus a few asks by Kyle. Because love always finds you when you’re not looking.


Kristi said “yes” June 3, 2017! After five years of dating, they knew it was right and wedding planning came easily and quickly. Kristi is a teacher in West Allis, so her schedule dictated a summer date, and they’re aiming for a crisp, clean and simple yet elegant wedding. In talking to Kristi, the theme of balance was just beneath all details of the wedding. The teacher in her wants eye-catching, easy-to-understand invites that are still unique and elegant. And when I look at these save the dates, that’s exactly the feeling I get. The text is precise and neat, but still casual enough to convey that you can be yourself at the event.  

Kristi and Kyle attended ELEVEN weddings this past year, most of which were in Milwaukee, so they had lots of ideas and examples in creating their own celebration. Kristi wants her guests to feel at home and comfortable, while being treated to a luxurious and special occasion. She aims for relaxed and elegant, simple and beautiful. And that balance equals comfort for her guests. The couple decided to have the wedding in Kristi’s hometown of Madison, a totally drivable location from their current home of Milwaukee.  Having a large Irish Catholic family plus Kyle’s dental school network necessitates a large venue, so they’ll be dancing the night away at the Edgewater Hotel on lake Mendota.
When I asked Kristi how she found Bay View Printing Co, she told me that she’d actually first heard of us through our Drink & Ink events. If you don’t know, they’re a super fun way to learn a new craft and socialize with some friends (or strangers) in our shop. It wasn’t until Kristi read all of the positive reviews on The Knot that she put it together that she had a local letterpress print shop just a few miles from her home! An inquiry online got an immediate response from Ashley, and they quickly set up a consultation. 
What was different about BVPCo was not only our portfolio of beautiful designs, but that Ashley, our Owner/Designer/Boss Lady, gave her simple and straightforward options.  Kristi had felt overwhelmed by other business’s up-sells and add-ons and combinations of options. Ashley gave her simple to understand and easy to modify options, leaving Kristi feeling in control of her choices. Those choices have led to some gorgeous products already, and we’re excited to see how else we can make Kristi and Kyle’s vision come to life this summer! 
A big thank you to Kristi for sharing her story, and we’re so happy to have you as part of the BVPCo crew!  Because your ideas and imagination have made this project come to life.  

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