Bachelorette Babes + So much more!

Hi Everyone!  This week I have such a great illustration of the many ways you can be involved with us, and I’m so excited to introduce you to Kat Wetherbee.


Kat’s a graphic designer here in Milwaukee, who has been self described as "paper goods-obsessed" for quite a while. She first discovered letterpress printing in 2013 and couldn’t get enough. The squish that paper makes from the impression! The hand-craftedness of setting each individual letter! The intentional and tactile process that you just can’t find digitally! I feel the same way too, lady.

 Exhibit A: "Squish" 

Exhibit A: "Squish" 

Kat actually knew of BVPCo when it was owned by the previous owner, Jim Baker, but since it focused on commercial and mostly offset printing then, she didn’t get involved right away. However, in 2015 when Ashley Town left her job, bought the biz, decided to transform it into a community space, and initiated our Indiegogo campaign (all while pregnant!), Kat knew it was time to get involved.

After Ashley made something beautiful and fun out of the BVPCo space, Kat attended a Drink & Ink workshop with her aunt, uncle, and future husband (I’ll get to that in a second), and was sold on the idea of bringing the craft of letterpress to the community. And later when Kat got engaged, she worked with Ashley to create her own wedding invites!  

Flash forward to 2017, when Kat’s sister Anna was preparing for her wedding.  Kat made the design, and Ashley made the polymer plates of that design and printed the invitations.  And since Kat had such a great relationship with BVPCo, she decided to host the bachelorette party with us! Yay for us that we get to see MORE of the people we love.  


So this past December Kat, Anna and 11 friends gathered their plaid shirts, snacks and drinks and headed to our print shop for a night themed “Flannel Fling Before the Ring”.  The night was filled with women connecting and celebrating and learning something new.  There was a Lesley Knope quote, a teeny tiny crown for the bride-to-be, lots of laughs, and theme of wine, to boot. A pretty good way to spend an evening, right?   


Kat’s been a supporter from the start, a workshop attendee, wedding invite client, and co-host of a bachelorette party!  I asked her what she likes most about BVPCo, and her response was that even though she’s not in art school anymore, she still has a place she can go to with all of the equipment and instruction to practice art and learn a craft.We love to see our community members using all of the different facets of our biz. When people ask what we do, we’re so lucky that we get to point to folks like Kat and basically say, “All of it!!” 

Thanks, Kat, for all of your support! We appreciate your enthusiasm and energy, because that’s what keeps this shop growing.  I hope to see you next on a Monday night at open studio!  And if anyone hasn’t yet, check out info on our new membership opportunities.  

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