Love Notes for Humans

This week we're letting you in on a project...10,000 Love Notes for Humans! It started at one of our weekly meetings, where we plan and dream and schedule and high-five and brainstorm. "We should spread some love and connection in our city", "Let's make cards to hand out to strangers!", "Let's make them funny and full of love", "Let's make 10,000 of them!"


And so we did. We handset the type with love, printed on bright paper, and we assembled these packages. You get to hand out these encouraging notes to your neighbors, friends, and strangers. Can you imagine if a stranger stashed a card under your windshield wiper saying "You are incredible.  Forge on, my friend"? Would it warm your heart even just a little? We wanted to do this project for our community because we love you, and your positivity and desire to make things better. Now that these beauties are made and packaged, they're available for you to spread some love.  Stop by the businesses listed below to scoop a bag for yourself. Then, be brave and kind and find ways to share the light.  


Get some delicious and healthy drinks at The Juice Kitchen.  Also check out the great work Maanaan and JoAnne are doing in the Sherman Phoenix project!

Come see Jen at Boswell Book Company

Stop in to Sherman Perk for some coffee at this gem of a gathering spot

Andie at Little Monsters embodies the connection and community that we're talking about! 

Grab some love notes and a slice at Ian's Pizza Milwaukee's North Ave location

The good people at Milwaukee Community Acupuncture, in the heart of Bay View will take care of you

Stop by Rocket Baby Bakery in Tosa for some fine pastry (my fave is the almond croissant)

Kids actually get to test out and play with toys at Ruckus & Glee, woot!

And to help make your positive impact visible, we’d love to see it in action: use hashtags #lovenotesforhumans #bayviewprintingco or tag us in any social media posts that document your experience. 

Check back here on the blog for updates, as any additional locations will be listed below. 


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