We are so lucky here at BVPCo! We have clients, business owners, visitors, community members, and so many other amazing people walk through our doors and propose collaboration. And when the stars align, we get to do projects like this.


This particular venture started with Nick Miramontes, a photographer who recently came back home to Milwaukee, after working in LA and traveling the world via motorcycle. A man who’s passion for community and connection guided him to not only running his photography business, but teaching at MATC and working with Friends of the Domes. Friends of the Domes is a non-profit support group whose purpose is to enhance projects and programs in the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. Because the buildings hold a $3.2 million plant collection, offer educational programs, and hold many events throughout the year, the name is actually Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. It's more than just the iconic conoidal glass buildings. It's a resource with an uncertain future.  

Nick and Sally Sullivan, Executive Director of the Friends of the Domes, have been working on updating and refreshing promotional materials. It’s a difficult task to maintain a legendary reputation, while appealing to a younger demographic in hopes of increasing interest and participation. Because the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory needs people like us. Like you. Like your family. They need us to get involved in the future of not just the buildings but the park and programs. And the best way to do that is to visit the Friends of the Domes website and click on the “Domes Future” tab. You can learn how to support, make your voice heard, read about the options and ideas for the future, and attend meetings.  

Nick and Sally both had a similar line of thought when planning the Member Appreciation Gala that was held this past month. The hope was to create a poster for those amazing members who have stuck by them through repairs and remodels. Nick and Sally saw our Doors Open poster and immediately knew that was the fresh yet classic print they wanted. And that’s where we came in! We set our Designer/Partner-In-Crime, Danielle, on a mission: create a beautiful and rejuvenated representation of the conservatory and what it stands for. Take a peek at the awesome video Nick made of the process:

Danielle took the task and made it her own. So after a few weeks of designing, type-setting and printing, she created a print we’re very proud of. Not because it’s a pretty print (although it IS nice to look at!), but because it was in collaboration with Milwaukee's treasured Conservatory. We love our community and believe that when we work together, our city thrives (ahem…the Better Together Blog!) So use this as a reminder that we have an amazing conservatory in our city, and that conservatory is relatively inexpensive to visit, and that it’s supported by a group of volunteers who want to continue providing the neighborhood with a place to visit 365 days of the year. When you’re in one of the three domes, look up and see if your view resembles the poster. It’s a limited edition print, and to get your hands on one, simply visit the conservatory’s gift shop! Also, get involved and share your ideas and time with the Friends of the Domes. 

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