Mor than a bakery...coming to Bay View soon!

When we started this project of sharing stories about the amazing people we meet here at Bay View Printing Co, it was because of people like Traci Morgan-Hoernke. Traci’s an amazing woman who came to get some design work and business cards made. I can recap my meetings with Traci by telling you that she’s a riot! Her stories are enchanting and her vision is clear. After years of researching nutritious and gluten-free foods, she’s come up with incredible recipes that regular gluten-eating folks can agree are delicious. Traci is opening Mor Bakery & Cafe this spring, in the Lincoln Warehouse at 2018 S. 1st St. in Bay View, and I cannot wait to visit!


As a young kid who was troubled by certain foods, Traci found herself eating Hillbilly Bread and grape juice, rather than the treats other kids were eating. So from a young age, Traci felt as though she was set apart from her peers by having to eat certain (and fairly unappetizing) foods. And that is what’s drawn her to the idea of the Island of Misfit Toys. She’s got a soft spot for outcasts, and has found that that’s where the fun happens anyway! 

Fast forward to Traci's second son, who was failing to thrive as an infant.  Doctors didn't have answers, so the mama bear in Traci came out and she initiated the detective work herself.  In peeling back the layers of food allergies, she discovered that her son Gus was indeed allergic to common foods and that a gluten free diet helped him gain weight and develop into a healthy kid.  And when she had difficulty finding foods her son could eat that were actually tasty and nutritious, Traci took that into her own hands, by creating and experimenting and eventually coming up with an arsenal of wonderful recipes.  

So in terms of delicious food, Traci transferred her affection for misfits to creating wonderful food for everyone. I can’t count on my fingers the times “inclusive” and “community” and “inviting” and “imperfect” came up in our conversations. Traci’s a woman who wants to create a gathering space for all, that happens to serve some yummy treats. I can vouch for the taste, because not only did Traci bake my family some banana chocolate chip bread after our meeting, but I was a taste-tester for some amazing scones and super secret soup that I won’t say another word about.

And when it was time for Traci to update her logo and business card, she knew it would be at Bay View Printing Co. She had come across one of Ashley’s business cards, and was drawn to the uniqueness of it. She loved the texture and design, and promptly made an appointment to come in to the little blue (now yellow!) building that Traci had driven past a million times growing up in Milwaukee. In her own words "Ashley helped me soften the logo, and through all the positive support from that yellow building I decided to refocus on my purpose, not tag lines, so I realized in defining what I was doing meant redefining gluten-free for others" 


Traci’s baked goods aren’t uniform or cookie cutter. Rather, they’re individually perfect, with flavors and textures that are intentional. Sometimes this requires frosting to be textured rather than perfectly smooth.  

And a true testament to what a textured and gorgeous business card can do? When Traci handed her new card to another business owner, he took it in his hands, felt the impressions, and immediately said “This is substantial, like frosting”. Exactly! A baker whose business cards illustrate frosting by touch? YES! 


Thanks to Traci for a few things: sharing your vision of a dedicated gluten-free space for everyone to come and enjoy, gracing us with your energy and friendship, and for baking me some treats!  I’m patiently awaiting for the biz to open so I can get my hands on that balsamic glaze/wild blueberry crumble you mentioned, too.  

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