As I sit down to write down a recap of our most recent private party, my heart swells. This party was filled with so much laughter and collaboration and connection, all in the name of a man named Steve. For Steve Brown’s 70th birthday, his family threw him a Drink & Ink party. His daughter, Danielle, heard about BVPCo through a friend who knew it was right up their alley. Danielle told me a few of the the reasons that her friend was right: her family is experienced-focused…they’d rather buy memories than things! And Steve doesn’t need more stuff; he prefers to spend time with his family. Danielle was also excited about supporting a local business. I can affirm after meeting this group of people, that they care about each other and getting the most out of an experience. 


This past Sunday, Steve, his wife Lynn, their three children + spouses and grandkids made their way to our little shop. After our printer and poster boy, Lucas, gave the rundown of how to set wood type and lock up that type with furniture, everyone headed off to gather thoughts/quotes/materials. As I made my way around the room, I noticed something. So many of the quotes were not just encouraging, but motivating. Seemed to really speak of this family’s enthusiastic go-getter attitude.

“Don’t wait! The time will never be just right”

“Let the beat of the drum move your wild soul”

“Don’t look back. You’re not going that way!”


Two of the posters were incredibly endearing. Steve’s grandson, Tyler, printed his great grandma Sylvia’s favorite saying: Here's to it and to it and at it again. If you don't get at it when you can get at it, you may never get at it again! The story is that great grandma Sylvia cranks out this inspiring cheer as fast as she can, and nobody in the family can recite it like she does. And while Tyler was getting the type together, he wouldn’t let Lynn (his grandmother) see the project. It was a surprise not only for Lynn, but also for her mother Sylvia. Tyler is giving her the poster for her upcoming 90th birthday!


And then there’s the birthday boy, Steve. He also kept secret his project until the final reveal. Steve told us that his wife Lynn often says to him “Admit it, life would be boring without me!” with a laugh and smile. How charming that he wanted to celebrate his wife’s saying by printing it big and bold for their home! Steve said that he wants a copy for every room in the house so Lynn can just point to it, giving her a break. Such an endearing gesture for his wife of 50 years.  


Happy Birthday, Steve. Thanks for letting us host such a fun group of people. We can’t wait to have you back and see what other family quotes you print! 

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