Boss Babe 2018 Calendar

Boss Babe 2018 Calendar


Even the bossest of babes needs a little motivation now and then. This 2018 calendar is filled with just that. As she turns the page from one month to the next she's reminded that she is bold, beautiful and changing the world. Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and remember our awesome. 

Please note: not all months are pictured here - who wants to ruin a surprise, amiright? 

Calendar is 11x17, coil bound and drilled for your ease of hanging.
Pro tip: trim the calendar portion off once the month is over and you're left with 13 killer posters! :)

And just in case you're interested in the story of how these came to be: 
The background textures on each page were ink swipes, watercolor washes, brayer marks ...beautiful messes. In the process of gathering them from around the shop I realized that my life as a parent, business owner, artist, designer, teacher, etc is just that: a beautiful mess. So I decided to gather the beautiful messes around me and make a years worth of motivation for myself and all the brilliant, hardworking, inspiring boss babes I’ve come to know. Because we could all use a reminder that this chaos we’re trying to bring order to, and this mess we’re making in the process is really really beautiful.

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